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Our publishing package is the perfect option for the author with limited experience in publishing or for the person who just prefers to make sure their project is done by professionals who will ensure the work is done to standards.


We offer a full editing package with some of the best rates in the business. There's no reason to put out subpar work when IPMG has you covered!


The perfect option for the author who just needs to run ideas by someone and get professional feedback how to proceed for their solo project. Access years of literary experience from our dedicated staff. We are here to help.

What People Are Saying

I’ve had the pleasure of having Tumika Cain edit my work. The experience was absolutely amazing. I like how she made you confident in your work and she also made it fun. Her positive spirit could be felt through the entire process. She’s firm, but she also allows your work to be seen instead of being the kind of editor that makes you feel like your book won’t sell if you don’t make the changes they want. Tumika gave compliments throughout the story and that’s something else that editors don’t do, but she did it. After my experience with Tumika I no longer wanted any other editor to touch my work; I only wanted her. Any author that has Tumika Cain as their editor will experience a great thing. She’s firm, fun, and very helpful.

Coco Amoure

Author of Give Me the Reason

As a first time author of a crime series, I cannot express to you in words how anxious I was to make a first great impression on the readers. From the storyline, to the character development, to the dialogue on down to the grammar, there is a certain amount of stress that comes with that. However, when you have a professional editor and advisor like Tumika Cain to give you that reassurance and guidance, the process becomes all the more smooth and less stressful. Although at times, I became somewhat frustrated with her corrections and recommendations, she was truly a Godsend. Without her, I seriously doubt my first two books would have been the five star books they are today. To any author starting out, I highly recommend her expertise and service.


Author of the Gangsta Shyt series

Inkscriptions Publishing offers its clients a hands-on and nurturing approach to publishing. Authors are afforded in depth editing ideas, professional book cover designs, and aggressive marketing campaigns. I would recommend Inkscriptions Publishing to emerging authors, as well as seasoned ones.

Keri D. Singleton

Author of The Wanderer's Game & IDOL

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