J. Alex Blane

J. Alex Blane, is one of the newest and most promising authors in the world of contemporary African American fiction. His award-winning debut novel, Where We Left Off, has impressed readers and has been a popular book club pick. Going as far back as he can remember, it has always been his dream to write, be it poetry, short stories or novels. After nearly eight years of deciding to put a single ballpoint pen to a piece of paper, he finally penned the words ‘The End’ of his first novel. With that, he introduced readers all across the country to Where We Left Off, a story that has evolved into something he never expected, and in some cases transcending the definition of its genre. To date, Alex has sold over 17,000 copies and has been recently awarded Northern Delaware’s Most Happening Author.

An alumni of Wilmington University, where he received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Alex is a communications and media developer by trade, whose talent and creativity are exceptional. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, Inc., Nu Upsilon Chapter.

Alex Blane currently lives with his wife and their two children in Newark, Delaware, where they share a small home just right for him to sneak off into a little corner and begin the sequel that readers are eagerly anticipating.

Where We Left Off

Some memories you do your best to forget. Others you wish you simply had the opportunity to remember. Mason Everett found himself in the center of both, as he felt the warmth of an autumn sun graze his face through the tinted windows.

A successful Real-estate developer, Mason had his picture perfect life. He was young, handsome, wealthy and single. No stranger to frequent hook ups at the local night clubs he avoided relationships at all costs living tirelessly by one rule:

“Never let anyone close enough again to hurt you”

Until he found himself falling for Sydney McCail, a young woman he met at his brother’s wedding. In the midst of a developing relationship Mason’s past begins to surface causing him to push Sydney away in fear of her finding out a secret he’d kept hidden for most of his adult life. In the wake of a tragic accident she finds that what she thought she knew was only the beginning, and what happens from there leaves them both searching for answers to a single question in what turns out to be a startling outcome, Where We Left Off.

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