Lando Success

Lando Success is an active Flight Attendant, Youtuber, motivational speaker, business owner, and investor. For years he’s been able to inspire people from various walks of life. His exuberance and zest for life fill the room, making him a popular and highly sought public speaker. Newly added to his repertoire is the title Author. Read on and learn about his journey and struggles of becoming a flight attendant….and while you’re at it, book him for your next speaking engagement!

Against All Odds – My journey to becoming a flight attendant: A Memoir

Have you ever had a dream that burned so deeply inside of you that it became all consuming? Meet Lando Success and be inspired by dedication, drive, and motivation to become a flight attendant despite the numerous obstacles that stood in his way. Against All Odds is one man’s story of hope and determination to rise from poverty and create the life of his dreams.

Order the Kindle version at  or the paperback for $20 (includes cost of shipping) at

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