A Soul to Shine


Meet Olivia, a starlet who has lost touch with her true self. A surprising role brings her back to herself as she’s forced to remove the mask, seeing all that she’s become. Check out A Soul to Shine, a masterfully written poignant tale by prolific author Jennifer Ott.


From the outside, starlet Olivia Hammond has it all-fame, fortune and a Hollywood hunk boyfriend. No one suspects her rising self-doubts and anxieties. In order to escape the realities of her chaotic world, she dives into an Oscar quality role of a young woman trapped in the horrors of postwar Berlin. It is here that Olivia feels most comfortable. Her real and fictional lives collide when the director casts, Dimitri Malakhov, a Russian porn star, as her costar. She immediately fears her image and reputation will be tainted. Personally and professionally, she must face what frightens her most-exposing herself, her fears, her imperfections and her desires to the world. The experience of filming the movie with Dimitri and being on location in Berlin destroys her prejudices, and judgments. It shatters all her illusions and perceptions. When liberated from her own confines, her life and love truly shine.


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