Not Like My Mama


Will the mistakes of the past be straightened out before they come around to claim another generation? Check out this deeply emotional read.  Not Like My Mama by Tonya M. Barber


Grace was a beautiful young woman, full of life and promise when she met Bryce, the handsome man who swept her off her feet. What looked like paradise, quickly spiraled out of control. With no family and nowhere to turn, Grace endured the hand she’d been dealt as she smiled through her tears. Rainy Day was more than just a name….it was the state of mind of a woman trapped in hell. Rainy was more than a hope, she was a cry for help and a prayer for a brighter tomorrow. Through Rainy, the promise of righting the wrongs of yesterday was ever present. Rainy’s mantra is that she will not grow up to be like her mama, but will she be strong enough to recognize the signs and stay clear of present dangers or will she recognize true love and leave the bitter past behind in hopes of the brighter tomorrow waiting just past the rain?


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