The Heart of a Woman


“Good morning gift! Thanks for this refreshing glance at love: Tumika Cain is a force of love, her latest collection of poems, The Heart of a Woman, has energy, ambition and compassion. She starts well with the tenderness of Love Eternal, steps the cadence up with Arms of God and courageously lets us know she’s Betting On Love. I dare you to sit back and enjoy these wonderful selections and other dynamic, yet soothing writings in The Heart of a Woman. You are bound to find yourself moved by this top-notch writer. The Heart of a Woman has shut the door and made me face the woman in the mirror. I have been officially seated.”

Miriam Kelly-Ferguson, author of “Weaver,” Harlem Writers Guild


Sit back, relax and let the heartfelt words of The Heart of a Woman, touch you, heal you, encourage you, inspire you and celebrate your very real experience.

Through right and wrong, good and bad, highs and lows, happiness and sadness, times of plentiful and times of lack, pleasure and pain, love and loss…these are the seasons of our lives. Between the pages of The Heart of a Woman, the author takes readers on an emotional journey through life with a decidedly poignant, sincere and poetic meter.


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